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A beautiful WYSIWYG HTML text editor

Tons of examples make it easy to integrate and your users will simply love its clean design.

Check out V2 INLINE DEMO

A newer version for the editor is available

Froala Editor has plugins for the most popular development Frameworks!

Ruby on Rails Django Python Angular.JS Ember JS Meteor JS Symfony Cake PHP

A big thanks to all developers who helped us create and maintain these plugins!

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Phil Freo

I've played with dozens of WYSIWYG HTML editors. Froala is the best I've found. Super fast turnaround on bug fixes.

Phil Freo @philfreo

Igor Barbashin

Froala WYSIWYG editor keeps surprising me. Nice documentation, Angular support and intuitive hotkeys. And good-lookin

Igor Barbashin @vkord


@froala Thank you very much for such quick responses. I've never seen a software support implemented so accurately!

Eugene @iteye_ru

Dipesh Acharya

Day 1: Ditched redactor for @froala. Day 2: Bought developer license. Day 3: Created package for integrating with @djangoproject.

Dipesh Acharya @xtranophilist

A rich text editor that goes beyond phrases, words and letters.

- Inline Demo -

Edit Inline

Click here to test the inline WYSIWYG HTML editor. This entire section and the blocks below are a demo.


We believe that Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor is the best rich text editor out there. It is built using the latest technologies and taking the great advantages of jQuery and HTML5 to create an outstanding editing experience.


Loved by users and friendly with developers, our rich text editor comes with a powerful API and a strong documentation. Moreover it is very easy to integrate, customize and extend, so any developer will love playing around with it.


Our WYSIWYG HTML Editor is one of the few rich text editors around with a modern design and Retina Ready which makes it a really eye-catching editor. We carefully analyzed the latest web design trends and crafted a nice flat user interface that will fit in any web page and the users will just love it.


With SEO in mind, Froala WYSIWYG HTML editor produces clean output, waiting to be crawled by search engines. Our editor is not using the <font> tag, all tags are closed according to the HTML5 standards and the inline style is aggregated. We developed an algorithm that cleans all the unnecessary HTML.


Froala WYSIWYG HTML text editor has a strong defense mechanism against all types of XSS attacks. It was tested by the world renowned Ashar Javed and we're keeping the editor secure while adding new features.


A rich text editor that is used world wide, in many countries and in various languages. It has full RTL support, so writing in Arabic, Farsi or Hebrew will feel naturally. Even the toolbar changes to give it the perfect feel.

You're in good company!

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