Design Framework Features

We crafted a design framework that is robust and intuitive to use. No matter you’re building a business presentation website or a complex web application our design blocks can easily be adapted for your needs.

A Tool for any Coder

You don't have to be a designer to create astonishing designs.


File structure, file names, effects, class names, you won't have a problem finding or remembering them.

Minimal Coding

The design blocks come with ready to use code which makes the design framework suitable for coders of all skill levels.

Rich Documentation

Strong documentation, lots of examples and detailed explanations. All organized to make features easy to find, test and understand.

Success. A matter of Design.


We reduced Javascript to the minimum possible and combined advanced CSS rules for enhanced usability and increased performance.

W3C Compliant

We made sure that all design blocks have W3C valid HTML and CSS, for you to reach a larger audience and to improve your long term SEO.


You're in a competitive environment. Dare to take the lead and use our design framework to rocket launch your website ahead of your competition.


Impress your users with amazing websites. Don't cut any corners and inspire trust, just like a professional web designer.

It's all about Design

A design framework that goes beyond devices, screens and pixels.


Our Design Framework uses the Bootstrap grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device or viewport size increases.


Your website will look good on any device. Each design block has been individually tested on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Mobile First

Your website will be for sure mobile friendly. Instead of making mobile styles optional, we added them as core rules.

One Block. Many Faces.

Highly Customizable

Your website, your style. Almost everything can be customized: rounded corners, effects, colors, font styles and so on.

Endless Possibilities

With over 200 design blocks, multiple colors, CSS customizing classes and parallax effects, you can always come with a new fresh design.

Top of The Line


Our framework with HTML5 and CSS3 design blocks allows you to build modern websites with a design that you can be proud of.

Latest Trends

We carefully analyzed the latest design trends so websites created with our design framework will always look great.


A modern website doesn't lack animation. With multiple types of parallax effects available, you can add a professional touch to your websites with just a CSS class


Easily change the background, text and highlight colors, choosing from our Flat Design color palette.



Froala offers customer support via email 7 days a week. Our team is always online and usually responds to emails in less than one hour.


Live chat customer support is not included in the commercial licenses. However, in exceptional cases we may also use it, but only on weekdays.